How it works


Working with us is that easy:

1. Send us the material you need to have translated, indicating the language or languages into which it is to be translated, as well as an approximate delivery date. Indicate any additional specifications you deem relevant.

2. We will promptly send you a quotation with the rate, project reference, total amounts and delivery term or date. If you wish, we can also send you a trial translation (maximum 150 words) so you can verify the quality of our service.

3. If you agree with the quotation, we will then agree to the project specifications: formats, translation/proofreading/localisation tools, intermediaries, style requirements, terminology, post-editing, confidentiality terms, copyright, etc.

4. We take care of translation, proofreading, correction of concept, editing, post-editing and/or testing agreed to, for which purpose we use suitable human and technological resources.

5. Once the translation has been completed, we return the material in the format you indicated and via the specified channel (mail, ftp, WeTransfer, Dropbox, courier, etc.).

6. At the end of the month, you will receive a single invoice with all the projects translated in the course of the month.


How to determine my translation needs:

The market abounds with translations of all kinds, quality and prices and, as occurs with other products, you need to determine your needs first and then request and select the offer that suits these needs best.

Sometimes a rough translation may suffice, if mistakes do not matter because the aim is merely to understand the gist. On other occasions, a word-perfect translation may be necessary, without errors or inaccuracies of any kind, because it is to be published on our website.

You should ask the following questions (by way of example) and decide whether or not you need our services:

Who is the translation for?

1. Just for me

2. For company personnel

3. For potential clients

4. The whole Internet community

How important are the contents?

1. Low: we only need to understand a date, a deadline, irrelevant information, a routine communication, multilingual file obligations.

2. Average: it is important to have a proper understanding of what it is about, although we are not going to use it for publication or for product or company presentations.

3. High: guidelines, working instructions, operating manuals, training, advertising

4. Critical: contracts/agreements, audits, standards, legal provisions, certifications

Is the translation going to be published on any communication medium or on the Internet?

1. No

2. Yes

Is the translated material to be used just once or repeatedly over time?

1. Once

2. Repeatedly

Is the translation decisive for my company"s image?

1. No

2. Yes

Could the translation have legal consequences?

1. No

2. Yes

Each translation requires a different level of quality. Some translations may be taken care of in-company, others by a freelance translator or by a friend or acquaintance who has a good mastery of both languages. Or you may require the services of a company.

Define your needs carefully, and if your answers match the ones highlighted in red, contact us and ask us for a trial.